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Access to Hollywood: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of the Access to Hollywood Streetscape Plan?

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a Historic-Cultural Monument that is the “Main Street” of the Hollywood community, while also attracting millions of visitors per year.  It is located on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard, 1.3 miles east to west, from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue; and on Vine Street, 0.4 miles north to south, between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard. However, sidewalks are often congested, certain pieces of infrastructure are outdated, and the area lacks the infrastructure needed to create a safe, comfortable and inviting environment for community members and visitors alike. The goal of the Access to Hollywood Streetscape Plan is to move this iconic corridor forward into the 21st century, respecting its rich history, while establishing a street that is accessible for the residents and businesses that call this area home. This project aims to make it easier for people to walk, bicycle or ride transit to their favorite Hollywood attractions.


What is included in the Quick-Build Streetscape Improvements?

There are seven design elements included in the Quick-Build Streetscape Improvements:

  1. Bus Only Lanes (A) to support access for people using transit along the corridor.
  2. Bus Boarding Platforms (B), which provide a level surface to allow transit users to access the existing sidewalk
  3. Bus Shelters (C) to provide additional amenities for people using transit to move along the corridor. Bus shelters will primarily be upgraded and coordinated with StreetLA’s STAP program.
  4. Protected Bike Lanes (D) to provide a safe and accessible way for people to bicycle through the corridor and connect to destinations across Hollywood.
  5. Shared Bus/Bike Lanes (E) along certain segments of the corridor to allow for expanded pedestrian space.
  6. Expanded Pedestrian Space (F), which includes the conversion of the existing parking lanes to create space for people to sit, talk, eat, mingle, and enjoy all that Hollywood has to offer. These spaces may include new benches, tables and chairs, trash cans, bike racks and more.
  7. Planters and Landscaping (H), will be used where possible to create additional separation between expanded pedestrian zones and travel lanes. The specific types of separators are to be determined based on feasibility for purchase and maintenance. 


Bus and Bike Lanes
Bus and Bike Lanes 2


What are the extents of the project?

The Access to Hollywood project is located along Hollywood Boulevard (between Gower Street and La Brea Avenue) and Vine Street (between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard). The Hollywood Walk of Fame Concept Plan includes the full extent of the Walk of Fame along these streets, though the full build-out design will be revised in the coming months.


Phase 1 implementation includes Quick-Build Streetscape Improvements funded by Metro's Active Transportation Program, along Hollywood Boulevard from Gower Street (east of the Hollywood/Vine Metro Station) to Orange Drive (west of the Hollywood/Highland Metro Station). In addition, this will be implemented in coordination with the LADOT Hollywood  Boulevard Safety and Mobility Project to extend project benefits. 


Phase 2 implementation includes Full Build-Out, which is anticipated to occur in segments. The implementation strategy for this effort is pending the Final EIR.


Will there be impacts on traffic and parking?

Analysis of normal conditions on Hollywood Blvd show that the corridor has relatively low traffic volumes compared to the capacity of the street.  Therefore, the proposed change to the roadway is not anticipated to result in heavy impacts to vehicular circulation.   

The concept plan found that current on-street parking meters on the Walk of Fame represent only ~2% of the publicly available off-street parking found within one-block of the corridor.  Therefore, the proposed conversion of the parking lane into different use(s) is not expected to have a significant or detrimental effect on parking in the area.  The concept plan provides a detailed map and inventory of all the publicly available parking within one block of the Walk of Fame. This plan does flag the need to improve how visitors are directed to parking structures in the center of Hollywood - which is being worked on!


Who is leading this project?

The Walk of Fame portion of Access to Hollywood is a project of the City of Los Angeles and the Bureau of Engineering. Funding for the Quick-Build Streetscape Improvements is provided by a grant from Metro’s Active Transportation Program.


What is the budget for this project?

As Phase 2 is still in the design phases, the total budget has not yet been determined.  It is anticipated that the total project cost will ultimately be on par with other large investments into shared public spaces in the City. Investment tools such as the Hollywood EIFD will help inform the scope and budget for this effort.  

What Happened to the Heart of Hollywood Plan? 

Access to Hollywood is a continuation of our predecessor’s work known as the Heart of Hollywood Plan.


In 2021, Metro awarded $7.2 million in funding from the Metro Active Transportation (MAT) program for Quick-Build Streetscape Improvements along Hollywood Blvd.). Design of the Quick-Build Streetscape Improvements began in early 2022 and continued through early 2024. Construction of revised Quick-Build Streetscape Plans are anticipated to be implemented in late 2024.

Design development for the Full Build-Out is currently undergoing revisions. Updated funding plans are being developed and will be shared following the release of a Final EIR.

From 2020 to 2021  a concept plan and schematic design work were completed called the Hollywood Walk of Fame Concept Plan and 50% Schematic Design. Revisions to the Plan are anticipated in 2024 to change how the additional roadway space allocated for people walking and bicycling is used to accomplish the goals of a safer and more walkable street.


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