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Report a Party House

According to the City of Los Angeles’ party house ordinance, an unlawful party is a “loud or unruly gathering,” which is defined by: 

  • loud noise (audible 150 feet from the property line)
  • obstruction of a street or public right-of-way, including a sidewalk
  • public intoxication or drinking in public
  • the service of alcoholic beverages to minors
  • possession and/or consumption of alcohol by minors
  • assault, battery, fights, domestic violence or other disturbances of the peace
  • the sale or service of alcoholic beverages without a required license
  • vandalism or destruction of property
  • litter, urinating or defecating in public
  • trespassing

If you are disturbed by such a gathering, or you are made aware of plans for a large indoor party, the best first step is for constituents to call the LAPD nonemergency number: 877-ASK-LAPD

If the responding officer observes a violation of either the party house ordinance or the Safer LA order, he or she may issue a citation. Citations carry an escalating series of fines. The fine for a first offense is $100. The fine for the sixth offense is $8,000. 

If the problem persists, there are several additional remedies available to constituents:

  1. Party house violations may be prosecuted as misdemeanors by the City Attorney’s office. Your Neighborhood Prosecutor is the person in the City Attorney’s office who is tasked with dealing with local problems. He or she is the person who can take legal action on behalf of the City against party house owners.
  2. Loud and unruly gatherings may also be in violation of the LA’s home sharing ordinance. The Department of City Planning is in charge of the home sharing registration system. It refers violations to the Department of Building and Safety, which may issue fines. The Department of City Planning home-sharing 24/7 complaint line is (213) 267-7788. Their email is
  3. Repeat offenders of the city’s emergency Safer LA order can also be referred to the Mayor’s Office, which may issue an order to shut off the water and power. If the prior remedies outlined above prove insufficient, our office will assist in referring cases to the Mayor's office for review.