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Our homelessness team is on-the-ground everyday using a services-led strategy to connect unhoused residents with case managers, mental health workers and drug treatment providers, so they can access available resources to get folks off the street and into housing.

Since taking office in December 2022, our office has brought people inside from off the streets, and expanded access to all types of housing including:

  • Housing hundreds of people through Inside Safe and other operations focused on services and housing. That’s in addition to the hundreds of people housed and given services by the various service providers we coordinate in our district.
  • Providing outreach at every one of the ~130 encampments in the district to help coordinate people getting off the streets and ensure the areas are safe.
  • Coordinating with the over 40 service providers operating in CD13. Before we took office, no one in the City government was coordinating these organizations in our district, so some of them were doing the same thing in the same area, while other parts of the district were being entirely ignored.
  • Expanding affordable housing in the Hollywood Community Plan.
  • Overseeing the construction of hundreds of tiny homes and Permanent Supportive Housing units.
  • Securing billions of dollars in the City budget to address homelessness with services and housing, including tens of millions to buy and lease entire hotels/motels to house people currently living on our streets.
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The Challenges Ahead

The Challenges Ahead

There is no single issue in Los Angeles more urgent or devastating than our housing and homelessness crisis. Decades of City Hall corruption, lack of urgency, and poor planning has resulted in housing being so unaffordable for working people that we have the worst homelessness crisis in the United States, with six people dying on our streets every night. 

For every person we successfully get into housing, two people become homeless – and it’s been this way for years. 60% of folks experience homelessness for the first time because they simply cannot afford rent. That’s why we’ve passed the strongest eviction protections in a generation to help hardworking families stay in their homes.

This community deserves a services and housing-led approach rather than doubling down on our failed policies.

  • The City has fewer than 400 beds for 3,000 unhoused people in our district.
  • Those 400 beds have a 97-99% occupancy rate on any given night.
  • We have over 300 additional people that we know who have signed up for services and housing and are just waiting for the beds to open up, and that’s just from our own in-house homelessness team. The 40+ service providers in our district are constantly adding more people to the waiting list to receive these resources.

We are constantly coordinating to break down silos between city and community agencies, ensure accountability, and connect with homeless residents and constituents so we can improve our community for everyone.


CD13 Homelessness Team

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