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How to make housing more affordable in LA

Posted on 04/16/2024
City Hall


1. Measure ULA 
Measure ULA, sometimes referred to as the “Mansion Tax,” took effect in LA one year ago, adding a small tax to property sales over $5 million. It’s difficult to overstate how much ULA could accomplish for housing affordability in LA:
  • Measure ULA is already the single largest source of funding for affordable housing and homelessness prevention in the City’s budget.
  • The first 10 months of ULA revenue is more than 2.6x the amount of direct federal funding the City receives annually for affordable housing.
  • After less than a year, ULA has already exceeded Prop HHH’s average annual revenue of $120 million.
ULA also generated 8x more revenue in December 2023 compared to the first month it took effect. That’s because luxury realtors and homeowners dodged an estimated $270 million in ULA taxes by selling their properties at a steep discount (or even giving away free Bentleys) before the tax took effect.
Still, in just one year, Measure ULA managed to raise over $215 million and fund:
  • 795 affordable housing units
  • Emergency Rental Assistance for over 11,000 Angelenos
  • Legal assistance or advice for 4,649 tenants
2. Executive Directive 1
Executive Directive 1, which was implemented by Mayor Bass last year, streamlines the permitting process for 100% affordable housing developments. In the year since it was introduced, ED1 has been incredibly effective at incentivizing affordable housing construction by cutting red tape and standardizing the process for housing developers.
  • 1,999 affordable housing units just in CD13 have already been proposed since ED1 took effect. In comparison, just over 4,000 affordable units were completed in CD13 during the 10 years prior to us taking office.
  • Approval time for 100% affordable projects has been cut from an average of 8 months before ED1 to only about 40 days now.
3. Organizing Tenants Directly
Measure ULA and Executive Directive 1 are key components toward building a more affordable future for all Angelenos, but residents also need support right now to make ends meet and stay in their homes. Over 10,000 evictions filings have been made just in District 13 in the past year, threatening to push thousands of families onto the streets into homelessness.
Every week, we get a list of tenants facing eviction filings thanks to a new law we passed in 2022 (before last year there was no record of eviction filings). We use that list to door-knock tenants facing eviction in the district to try to connect them with the resources and help they need.
The vast majority of tenants facing eviction are hardworking Angelenos who are just a few months behind on rent, but language barriers and difficulty navigating our complex bureaucracy can lead families to the brink of homelessness.
Our tenant organizing team has already helped hundreds of people stay in their homes in our district, and across LA, over 11,000 people have already benefited from Rental Assistance funded by Measure ULA.

Two More Quick Hits!

1. Don’t Forget Taxes Are Due This Monday!
Taxes are due this Monday, but the good news is that many Angelenos are eligible to file their taxes for free.
Direct File is a new IRS service currently available to eligible taxpayers in 12 states, including California that allows people to file their taxes directly with the IRS online at no cost.
Visit to check eligibility and file!
2. Pysanka Festival Sunday at the Ukrainian Cultural Center
Did you know that Melrose Ave in District 13 has been home to the Ukrainian Cultural Center since 1960?
The Pysanka Festival this Sunday will be a celebration of Easter through the prism of Ukrainian culture. Come and enjoy workshops, vendors offering unique merchandise, and traditional Ukrainian food, art, and performances. Admission is free!