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My Holiday Plans

Posted on 12/26/2023
Making calls


This week we were on recess, which gave me time to do the thing I love the most -- hearing directly from the people who live in District 13. 
In a given week, I might spend over 20 hours in City Council and committee meetings alone. The importance of that work shouldn’t be understated, but when you add on preparation for those meetings, policy planning, land use issues, homeless coordination, and everything else – it can be challenging to find time to do what I enjoy most. 
So since City Council meetings have ended for 2023, I wanted to take a couple of days this week to work alongside our field team to do things from answering phones to conducting homelessness outreach. The work on-the-ground, and the needs of constituents, are constantly evolving just like the city, so it’s important to always come back to it to learn, grow, and build the thriving community we deserve. 
These personal connections are what I cherish the most about public service and it was a great way to end the year.

Two More Quick Hits!
1. Bus Shelters Coming to District 13!
Just 1 in 4 bus stops in LA currently have shade/shelter, but in CD13, we want to bring that number to at least 75%. 
Thanks to our work with StreetsLA, we have 16 new bus shelters coming to the district between now and February! Check out the full list of new bus shelters below:
Bus shelter locations
More bus shelter locations
2. Winter Mental Health Workshops at Unidad Park
TODAY from 1-3pm is the last *free* mental health workshop at Unidad Park of 2023. 
If you can’t make it today, new dates have been added all throughout January and early February 2024.
Winter Mental Health Workshops (SPA)
Winter Mental Health Workshops