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Our New Year's Resolutions

Posted on 01/09/2024
City Hall NYE



1. Make our streets safer and give people more options for how to get around LA. 
Traffic violence killed over 300 people in LA in 2023, and cars are one of the leading causes of death for children in this city. 
We deserve safe, fast, and comfortable transit options. So in 2024, we want to build CD13’s first protected bike lanes. We also want to install dozens of more pedestrian improvements across the district like signaled crosswalks and curb extensions.
In 2024, let’s also start building the world-class public transit system our city deserves. We need to add more bus lanes, address gender barriers and safety on transit, and work with Metro to increase the frequency of buses and trains.
2. Stop the Eviction-to-Homelessness Pipeline. 
In the past 9 months alone, we’ve seen over 8,000 eviction filings in our district alone – adding up to over 71,000 filings citywide. If we’re going to address our homelessness crisis, we need to keep people in their homes and off the streets, because we know that the inability to pay rent is the primary reason that over 60% of people become homeless in LA. 
Next year, we’ll have the opportunity to build a more just housing system in the city that works for renters, fights the corporate takeover of our housing stock, and also supports the smallest mom and pop landlords. 
Reports about rent control, habitability, and how the city handles housing repairs are all scheduled to come to City Council in the middle of next year, so stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, check out the table below to see the maximum allowable rent increase depending on what type of unit you live in. 
Rent chart


3. Advance Public Safety by Investing in Unarmed Emergency Response
Did you know that over 90% of calls that the LAPD responds to are considered “non-violent”? This shows us we need to invest much more in rapid response hotlines, mental health/drug treatment services, and unarmed units that are faster to respond, more efficient, trained to serve the community, and save money. 
Instead, this past year our city doubled down on funneling billions of dollars to have armed police officers respond to nonviolent issues like homelessness, mental health crises, and wellness checks. 
By the end of this LAPD contract, the starting salary of a police officer will be over $94,000. If that was the starting salary of a mental health professional, or a homeless outreach worker in the city of Los Angeles, how different would our city look? In 2024, we can actually find out – and we can start fixing this broken system.

Two More Quick Hits!
1. Save the Date – Hollywood Blvd Virtual Town Hall on February 1
What do you want the future of Hollywood Boulevard to look like? 
Despite being one of the most iconic streets in the world, Hollywood Blvd was recently rated as the worst tourist attraction in the world, and it’s not just visitors who are disappointed. For years, Hollywood Blvd has been in the “high-injury network” of roads in our city, representing a disproportionate number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities. 
Now, we have a chance to build a better Hollywood, but to do that, we need to hear from the community.
Join us February 1, 2024 for a virtual town hall with LA’s Department of Transportation to hear about potential options and to make your voice heard! 
2. City Council Back In Session
City Council winter recess is over, and normal council meetings will resume this Tuesday at 10am. 
You can watch City Council meetings every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at, where you can listen to City Council’s Committee Meetings as well.