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A pipeline to good, union jobs in LA

Posted on 04/01/2024
HireLAX Grad


This week, we celebrated the graduation of 27 students from the HireLAX apprenticeship program, meaning they are now trained to fill critical roles in our city’s construction industry.
What is HireLAX?
HireLAX provides free job training for Angelenos through an 8-week program. Upon completion, graduates are competitively positioned for union job placements on LAX construction projects with thriving wages and benefits. 
Since their founding in 2017, HireLAX has graduated 19 cohorts and helped place at least 285 workers into union jobs.
Why it Matters
Job-training programs like HireLAX provide a huge opportunity for economic mobility for disadvantaged and neglected communities, while filling critical construction jobs in our city.
Of the 27 graduates at this week’s ceremony, 
  • 48% were Latinx 
  • 48% were Black 
  • 19% had prior Involvement with the criminal justice system
Each of these workers is now ready to flourish in construction and trade careers.
The Big Picture
These programs, along with other community investments, are proven to be the most effective way to make our city safer and more prosperous. Economic security is the best solution to alleviate poverty and to break the cycles of incarceration that we see in LA. 
We need to support these programs at all levels of government to achieve the transformational change that our communities deserve.
If you know anyone that might be interested in this program, click here.
To get involved with worker issues in LA, reach out to the LA Worker Center Network.

Two More Quick Hits!

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Last week, we announced the “Access to Hollywood” Plan, which will bring 3.6 miles of bike lanes along with wider sidewalks, pedestrian upgrades, outdoor dining, bus lanes, and more to Hollywood Blvd.
We want to hear what you think, so you can take 2 minutes to fill out this survey and tell us your vision for Hollywood Blvd.
2. Spring Events Saturday at Lemon Grove and Silver Lake Rec Centers
Lemon Grove Recreation Center is having their Spring Festival TODAY, March 30, from 11am to 2pm. 
Plus, Silver Lake Recreation Center is hosting their “Hundred Acre Forest Spring Event” from 12pm-4pm today.