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Voters approved Measure HLA – now what?

Posted on 03/12/2024
Bike Lane


What Happened?
With the majority of votes counted, it’s clear that LA voters overwhelmingly favor safer streets for pedestrians, with nearly 2 in 3 voters supporting Measure HLA.
HLA would make it mandatory for the city to implement its own Mobility Plan, which was passed in 2015. That means pedestrian improvements like safer crosswalks, more bike and bus lanes, and better sidewalks across the city.
Why it Matters
Last year, traffic violence killed more people in LA than homicide. One contributing factor is that only 5% of the Mobility Plan has been implemented so far.
When city departments don't talk to each other and leaders are hesitant to make tough decisions – we maintain a status quo where injuries, fatalities, congestion, and time spent in traffic are all increasing.
With HLA, we can start changing that.
What's Next?
City Council’s Transportation Committee is scheduled to meet in the coming weeks to discuss implementation on Measure HLA.
The conversation will likely include how to get city departments to streamline their work and reduce redundancies, along with questions about prioritization and design when it comes to the Mobility Plan.
Stay tuned for more updates as Measure HLA brings us safer streets in the months and years ahead.

Two More Quick Hits!

1. Reprogramming Unused COVID Relief Funds
Council was able to vote this week to reallocate some unspent COVID relief money from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act to support small businesses in LA. Here’s how some of this funding was reprogrammed:
🍽️ $1.4 million to reduce Al Fresco permitting fees for small restaurants 
💰 $1.1 million to help small businesses with contracting 
⚖️ $650k for small business legal support
2. Homeless Connect Day in Hollywood
This week, we partnered with Hollywood 4WRD, SELAH, and service providers to host a resource fair for our unhoused neighbors to provide crucial services like:
🏥Health care 
📱Cell phones 
🚲Bike repairs 
✅Benefits enrollment 
🏘️Housing referrals 
➕And more!
These services are so important because they help people stay healthy, mobile, and connected to their community as they wait for temporary and permanent housing.