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Why 1 In 5 Jobs in LA City Government Are Vacant

Posted on 07/08/2023
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What’s Happening?

The LA City Government has a staggering 21% vacancy rate overall across all the city departments. The problem has only been worsening in recent years, with outdated hiring policies and practices leading to thousands of unfilled job openings and application processes that can stretch well over 6 months.

Why it Matters

We’re talking about every department in the city that provides critical services for our communities. 1 in 5 positions being vacant across the city can mean everything from fewer firefighters, to missed street sweepings, to inadequate tenant support, and more.

What We’re Doing to Fix It

The city has made some improvements, like local hire programs that make it easier for marginalized communities to find employment with the city, but with a 21% vacancy rate, we need to do so much more.

That’s why we seconded a motion from Councilmember Tim McOsker to start an incentive program to help address the city’s staffing shortages. The city has recently used this model to try to increase the size of the LAPD, but the program has never been extended to other departments facing critical shortfalls. If we’re going to meet our constituents’ needs by hiring planners to build more housing, engineers to help eliminate traffic violence, and inspectors to deliver renter help, that has to change.

The motion also orders a report on the vacancy rate of all departments so we can prioritize our city services that have been most affected by this issue, and as a councilmember sitting on the Personnel and Hiring Committee, we’re looking forward to creating innovative ways to get the city back on track.

What You Can Do

If you or someone you know is looking for work – have them apply! There are thousands of good, union jobs waiting to be filled across dozens of fields and every level of experience.

Two More Quick Hits!

1. Paying Tribute to Maria Esther Valdivia, Founder/Owner of Tacos Delta

Last week, we honored the life and legacy of Maria Esther Valdivia, the owner and founder of Tacos Delta in Silver Lake, who tragically passed away last month. Tacos Delta is a beloved institution that has been a community staple for 4 decades – surviving all throughout the gentrification and changes in Silver Lake and Echo Park.

Maria’s kindness and love for the community touched countless lives, and that love will live on and be passed down for generations.

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2. Save the Date! Lotus Festival is Next Weekend

The 42nd Annual Lotus Festival is at Echo Park Lake next weekend!

We’re so excited to welcome thousands of visitors to CD13 to celebrate the rich culture of Indonesia. We hope you can join in on the fun and experience the amazing food, art, dragon boat races, and more!